Window to Another World


Thursday, April 14 | 10:00 AM & 11:45 AM | ROUNDHOUSE COMMUNITY CENTRE

Everyone has different life experiences and challenges. One person’s nightmare is another person’s dream. Things that seem everyday for some of us, are a struggle for others. The films in this program provide a glimpse into the worlds of an aspiring jazz singer, a father who learns an important lesson, and children in a remote village that become connected to the internet for the first time.

Themes: aspirations, confrontation, acceptance, new perspectives

Recommended for grades 4-7

This program screens as part of REEL FOCUS for elementary schools.

Dreaming of Peggy Lee

Often it is not so much what you achieve that’s commendable, but what you have to overcome in order to achieve it. This is the story of Belinda, a young girl who is struggling to accept who she is. Dim the lights and turn up your speakers and, with Belinda, let Peggy Lee transport you from the present day back to a golden age that will leave you inspired and enthralled.


I’ve Just Had a Dream

Vancouver Premiere

One night, two girls living thousands of miles apart have the same life-changing dream. 

In Spanish and Arabic with English subtitles. 

Like Father

Timmy’s father, dismissive of his son’s fear of the dark, is about to find out that no matter how old you get, we’re all a little afraid of things that go bump in the night.

Advisory: There is a brief scene that some children may find scary.

Water Path

Nicole goes to fetch fresh water from the spring but something unexpected happens on her return. 

In Spanish with English subtitles. 



An amazing innovation reaches a tiny school lost in the heart of the Peruvian Andes and revolutionizes the lives of the whole community - the internet. It brings the world to their doorstep, but even more importantly, it offers the world the chance to finally discover what's happening in the remote village of Ingatambo.