Family Shorts



In this collection of wacky, sweet and silly animated films, a young girl and her father make up a bedtime story together, a boy finds the perfect pet, and musical notes discover friendship.

Recommended for ages 4+

This program screens as part of SUNDAY FUN DAY!

Fridge Princess

Can a slightly smudged drawing of a princess find its way to a place of pride on the fridge door? Of course it can!

Friends: La and Mi (Episodes 1, 2, 5, 8, 10)

Find out about the adventures of the musical notes La and Mi, and their other friends who show up to make beautiful music together.


One Cool Friend

On a spontaneous visit to the aquarium, Elliot discovers his dream pet, a penguin. When he asks his father if he may have one, his father says yes. Elliot should have realized that Dad was probably thinking of a toy penguin, not a real one…  This endearing adventure is based on the book by the New York Times bestselling author Toni Buzzeo and Caldecott Medal winning illustrator David Small.


Inside an office there’s a coffeemaker which is used frequently by the employees. Little do they know that the machine is a tiny kitchen and every coffee is actually brewed by an opossum. Day in and day out the opossum is serving cup after cup until the stressful routine is disrupted by a few new additions to the marsupiala family.  

Perfect Houseguest

A house is visited by a clean, organized and well-mannered guest.

Queen Bum

Queen Bum is a bedtime story invented on the spot by a father and daughter. Teeter-Totter-Town is a Queendom high above the clouds. The subjects, Triangle and Fourangle, are suffering from up and downs and would like to get rid of their Queen. The town explodes in an array of fireworks, turns into a raft afloat on stormy seas and finally drifts as a starship through outer space. As the child tries to keep the story going, her father would like to end it. Will the child ever fall asleep?

Worlds Apart

A son of an astronaut wishes for his father to stay rather than travel across the universe.